Regular Individual Dog Walking Visits
(sign up for at least a month)

(not applicable on Public Holidays)

Half- Hour Individual Dog Walk – Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm only

One dog$26
Two dogs$31
Three dogs$36

Get your neighbour involved and get the dogs walked together for a cheaper option.
We offer discounts on permanent bookings for multiple dog walking visits a week.
For more information, please CONTACT US

Pet Sitting for Dogs

Dogs need a lot more interaction, than what we can fit into one 20-minute-visit a day, so we offer different packages for them. The visits are filled with lots of play, walks and cuddles to keep them happy and entertained while you are away. We are sorry, but we don’t offer services every second day, unless there is someone else also visiting your dog(s).

2 Daily Care Visits (20 mins each)$42 per day
Half Hour Daily Visit (30 mins)$28 per visit
One Hour Daily Visit (60 mins)$44 per visit
Additional Dog or Other Pets (per pet)$5 per visit

Pet Sitting Visits

These visits include feeding, watering, cleaning litter/cages and lots of petting and love (dogs in special circumstances)

Daily Care Visit (20 mins)$21 per visit
Additional Pets (per pet)$5 per visit

Other Fees

Early/Late Visit Fee: $5 for any visit before 7am or after 7pm

Holiday Fee: 40% surcharge for visit(s) on public holidays

Key Pick Up/ Drop Off Fee: $15 if we need to come out to meet you again, after the initial consultation

48-hour Change Fee: $15 if you call to schedule or cancel a visit (or visits) with less than 48 hours notice, you will be charged an additional fee, as we must adjust our schedules to accommodate yours. During Public Holidays we charge the whole visit fee for visits cancelled within 48 hours, as we might have declined other visit series for yours.

Our Consultation fee is $15

Late payment fee is $15 (after 30 days), $30 (after 60 days), $45 (after 90 days)

These prices are subject to change without any notice



  • I guess when you are letting someone into your home you need to trust them. I saw the article in the paper about your award and thought that others must like and trust you. Now Barney gets his exercise and is happy – then we are all happy! I would absolutely recommend your service- you are honest, reliable and Barney loves you!

    Lisa B.
  • I was a bit nervous about leaving the Pets 'unsupervised' for the majority of each day. Can you ever really trust a Border Collie? I liked the idea of my cat not having to leave home which always stresses her, also having someone check the house each day. Price and availability was also a good option compared to kennels. We came back to a relaxed and happy cat and dogs. It's a great service – easy and reliable and cost effective too.

    Merryn H.
  • We used Rita from Good Doggy to walk Molly on days when we knew that we would be away for longer than normal working day periods. Rita is very professional and we felt that she cared about Molly as much as we do. We noticed that Molly did not suffer as much separation anxiety thanks to Rita's visits. We will definitely use Rita's services again and I can highly recommend her.